Hence warmth is important for their survival. That is why growing rex begonias indoors during the winter can be challenging.

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Water them in every 2 or 3 weeks or else you can spray them.

Rex begonia care winter. Modest feeders, an occasional application of a standard houseplant fertilizer during spring and summer should suffice. It’s recommended that you keep the humidity around 60% to keep your plant happy. This dormant period is also the ideal time to tidy up your plants.

The plant may also wilt slightly, which is a good indicator that it is time to water it again. Give them light as long as they retain leaves because they need it. In any of these scenarios, you pick one of the following humidity raising strategies.

Water water weekly allowing the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. There are so many more kinds of indoor begonias and. On the new side, check out begonia maculata.

As temperatures fall in the winter months the plant’s growth habit will cease and it will enter a dormant period. In late winter or early spring its best time when you plan to regrow your begonias. You can feed rex begonias every two weeks or so using a diluted regular balanced houseplant fertilizer during the growing season (spring through fall).

General care sunlight moderate to bright indirect light. When actively growing, rex’s like to be kept evenly moist. Try to avoid dry air at all costs.

The begonia rex plants require high humidity (greater than 50%). Make sure it doesn’t get too cold for your plant and the temperature doesn’t fall below 13c/55f. When watering, always water below the leaves.

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Keep the plant in the bathroom provided that there is enough light there Bulbs should be stored in a bright and ventilated place at a temperature not exceeding + 59 ° f. Put them in pots during winter.

This should occur approximately every 7 to 10 days in spring and summer and around 14 to 21 days during the late fall and winter months. This rex begonia loves high humidity. This is perfectly natural, fresh growth will emerge the following spring.

The wax begonia is a very popular plant because they are typically very easy to care for, but they still need to have special attention before winter hits so that they can survive the cold. Grow plants in shallow pots and provide lots of light without direct. In fact, the foliage will grow larger when the humidity is higher.

Rex begonias tend to like average warmth and need a minimum temperature of 60 f in the winter months. A moderately moist environment and soil works well for rex begonias. Choose a warm, humid, partly sunny indoor spot for your begonias.

While temporary storage in the garage is fine for chilly nights, your begonias need a permanent indoor growing location. Water your rex begonia at the. Potting mixes designed for african violets are a good choice for rex begonias.

Since the winter months usually mean heated homes and dry air, it’s important to give rexs extra humidity, either by grouping them together, using humidity trays, or misting regularly. They’re usually not actively growing. You want the foliage to stay dry to prevent rot.

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Rex begonias like conditions with high humidity. Rex begonias are tropical plants; Is humidity important for rex begonias indoors?

Be careful when watering, making sure you don’t overwater it. Aim to increase the humidity, especially during the winter months, by a few different methods. It is important that you remove the wax begonias from the ground before the first frost hits because these plants can easily die with limited exposure to the cold.

Probably one of the biggest problems with growing rex begonias indoors is making sure you create humid conditions for them. Remove any brown or unhealthy leaves and unsightly stalks. Around june begonias should start blooming if you plant the tubers in february , while tubers that planted in march or april should bloom around july.

You’ll likewise want to watch out for winter when the air tends to get dry. Unlike other varieties they don’t go dormant but do need a little help in the winter to stay lush and healthy. Whereas during the winter months, you should water your rex begonia less because it goes dormant and is more likely to drop its leaves.

You can then begin to let the top layer of soil dry out in between waterings. Don’t feed houseplants during the winter months: During the winter, when the rex begonia isn’t actively growing, cut back watering to about once every two to three weeks.

Next, rex begonias were the rage and still should be. Going into winter, all plants will need to be watered less. Humidity appears to be an essential factor in achieving optimal leaf size in plants.

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