There are 5 round drainage holes on each side for a total of 25. I need to remove the rectangular drain cover in the shower.

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Remove the plastic spacers between the tile and the drain after the tile's mortar has dried overnight.

Remove shower drain cover in tile floor. Again, you don’t have to get all panicky, because you can do it on your own pretty quickly: First, apply an adequate amount of lubricant along the shower drain cover’s lip. The job takes about 30 minutes and doesn’t require any special plumbing tools.

The drain cover is square and is 3.75 inches per side. Here's the drain with cover on. Once the drain cover is removed, use a flashlight to look down into the drain.

The two screwholes are for the cover. First, examine the floor drain cover to see whether it's set into the floor or screwed in. Be patient in doing this, and leave it for a few minutes, allowing the lubricant to settle in.

Place the screws in a resealable bag or tray so they don’t get lost or fall down the open drain. Squeeze the remaining shower drain to collapse it. Remove the washcloth and set it to the side.

Hold a chisel along the grout line near one of the center tiles of the. First, you need to spray some lubricant along the drain cover’s lip. In either case, you'll want to apply rust remover and/or lubricant around the edges of the drain cover and allow it to soak in.

Remove the 1” width of drain body from shower pan. The toughest part is removing the old drain flange. It’s the big black ring in photo 2.

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There are no visible slots for screws/bolts. If there is hair or debris wrapped around the cover, just use the utility knife to cut it loose. Four “wings” flip out under the shower base to clamp the drain in place.

2 unscrew and remove the drain cover if you didn't remove it before you tiled. Make sure there aren’t any large objects down inside the drain. Spray some lubricant along the drain cover’s lip.

The white ring around the cover is hard plastic, not a rubber gasket. You’ll probably have to cut it with a hacksaw blade and pry it loose in sections from the shower pan. If you see a small screw, turn it with a flathead or allen wrench until just loose enough to remove stopper (not entirely).

Just stick your pointy tool (that totally didn’t sound right) between the gasket and the shower base. Use a phillips screwdriver to remove each screw around the grate. An older drain may not readily come out even after it has been unscrewed.

Remove the drain cover and stuff a clean rag tightly into the drain. Remove shower drain from pan. Any info about the tool type, tool name and an online source would be great.

You should see a big rubber gasket around your drain pipe (the 2 inch pipe in the middle) and your shower base. Step 1, purchase a drain lubricant to loosen the shower drain. Clean the cover off and remove any excess once the cover is removed.

The retaining nut and washer drop down, staying below the shower pan. If there are screws that have rusted in, allow them to soak for about five minutes and then attempt to remove them with the proper screwdriver. Floor tiles extend beyond the shower pan floor into the space above the recessed drain, (iii) proper drainage is achieved by having none of the tiles encroach into the drainage space between the tiled shower pan floor and the tileable drain grate, and (iv) neither the floor tile or the wonder drain® grate tile will prevent the removal of the.

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Clean shower floor around the drain hole to ensure new drain adhesion, and clean below to allow unrestricted wing movement. Leave it for about 2 minutes for the lubricant to settle into the threads. If no screw, simply turn counterclockwise to remove.

Those drain covers can be removed by first pushing on the cover to open it. You’ll need some tools to extract them properly from the shower floor. Cleaning out the clogged shower drain.

In this video i will be showing you how to unclog and clean your shower drain or waste. Place the tip of the screwdriver in one of the grates and use it to pop up and lift the drain cover. The two screws for the cover only go into the white fitting below, not all the way into a flange.

With the cap raised, you can twist it counterclockwise to unscrew it and open up your drain. Buy a drain or spray lubricant, like wd.

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