Measuring and installing kidney bean shaped pool covers is actually easier than you’d think and they’re very simple to use, especially if you have a pool roller. Follow the directions shown on the measuring tips page and fill in the dimensions asked for on the measuring form.

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Includes results for the pool surface square footage and a reasonable close perimeter measurement.

How to measure a kidney shaped pool for a cover. For example, if a railing is 2.5 feet tall, add 5 feet to the overall length and width. Don't use anything to hold the cover down that you don't want falling in the pool. Precisely crafted and well engineered liners are backed by a 15 year pro rated warranty which covers material and workmanship.

Metric kidney shaped pool volume calculator. Ad huge selection of winter covers at savings that will blow your mind! I have a kidney bean shaped pool and i had troubles reeling in the cover lengthwise, so i cut my cover in half and reel the cover in from the side of the pool.

To get the volume, measure out the length of the pool, measure the short width of the pool (one circular side of the kidney, and the long width of the pool (the later circular side of the kidney) and then multiply the results by.45. Your customers are assured the same quality. If a storm blows a table or something onto the cover it can drag whatever is holding the cover down into the the water.

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Step 3 calculate the surface area, using the formula: Gather up the items shown in the measuring item list above. You would measure the longest length and widest width and then select a cover large enough to cover those measurements.

Shop here and pay way less for winter pool covers! Shop here and pay way less for winter pool covers! My pool is considered to be 18 x 30, so with the shape of the pool each piece was roughly 15 x 15.

Calculate the the volume of a kidney shaped pool using metric measurements in litres. Measure between the two and write this measurement on the pool drawing and in the space provided on the safety cover measurement form. In the diagram here, a and b represent two diameters across the pool.

Ad huge selection of winter covers at savings that will blow your mind! Sometimes there will be a small section (like the grey area in the bottom of the image) that needs to be subtracted. Daisy’s range of trademarked ultradome™ solar pool covers are particularly suited to this pool shape and can be easily cut to size with just your household scissors.

Kidney shaped pool volume calculator. Coping refers to the stone or concrete material that makes a lip at the edge of a pool. The calculator uses imperial measurements for the calculations.

To get area on a kidney shaped pool, measure diameters across each of the main round areas. This calculator calculates the total area within the red line. Page 3 of the kidney and freeform measuring form gives directions for measuring the exact shape of your pool.

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[(a + b)÷2] = average diameter = approximate width. Area = (a + b) x length x 0.45 The line will run between point a and point b.

It is possible to fit a pool cover for an odd shaped pool and this applies to a wide variety of pool covers on the market today. Winter covers are offered in rectangles. The rectangular cover will work fine, just make sure you have the extra material anchored so the wind can't get it flapping.

Calculate the volume of a kidney shaped pool in us and imperial gallons. Schedule your free consultation today and see how we can improve the safety of your pool. So for example, if your pool is 40' long, the distance between point a and point b should be roughly 26'.

Also, take a few moments to read the measuring tips. Very often the limitation on whether to get a pool cover for an odd shaped pool does not rest with the pool cover itself but whether or not a pool cover roller is needed and if so whether or not installing it is possible and also finally whether or not the. Add them together and find the average diameter, which will function as your approximate width.

First, measure the obstacle's height from the deck to the top of the railing or step, then double that measurement. This cap finishes the overall look of the pool while protecting the wall from harsh weather conditions. Carefully mark up the drawing with all of your points, numbering every fifth point or every.

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