Lay the pillow back over the pillow front, with right sides facing. Align the cushion cover so that the the outside pieces are facing each other, right sides together, and the lining pieces are facing each other as well.

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With your walking foot, stitch all the way around your pillow.

How to make a pillow cover with zipper and piping. If your other end/corners don’t match up perfectly, that’s ok, the most important area to match is by the zipper. This video tutorial demonstrates how to construct a throw pillow with piping sewn along the edges. Flip your pillow right side up and pin the front side to make it easier for you to see where you basted.

You will need to use your zipper foot to sew right up against the piping. I recommend cutting your first square to be the same size as your pillow insert, then when you add the 1/2 seams your pillow cover will be 1 smaller than your pillow insert creating a fluffy, overstuffed look. Grab the front piece of your pillow cover and place it in front of you, good side up.

I love these pillows because they look professional and beautiful! Learn how to sew a pillow cover from start to finish and c. Make sure the zipper is open at least half way, or a little more.

Take the pillow fabric to your sewing machine again and sew along the edge of the zipper to attach it to the. Turn the piece over, and use your seam ripper to rip the basting stitches. Take your piping or trim and pin it around the edge, with the piping the the inside.

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Sew all the way around, but leave a 6 gap at the bottom of the lining. After you finished the zippered pillow, you can pin the piping around the edge of the pillow front with the piping facing right side down. Underneath, your zipper is revealed.

Use a zipper foot to sew along right side of zipper. Turn pillow and repeat along the other side of the zipper. Move the pull as needed.

Pin the other side of the zipper to the back side of the pillow fabric, and then sew into place. When you get to the start and stop of the zipper (shown on the right side of this picture), sew around the curve and down the side a half inch or so. How to sew a pillow cover with piping:

The last step is to create a small folding flap. Fold the bottom of the cover back in about an inch and iron flat. Make sure the zipper is open!

If it has a right side, make sure the right side is facing down. Thereafter, sew the stitch in place, keeping it close to the fold. Just before reaching the zipper pull, lift the presser foot and move the pull past the foot.

Line up the seams on the side panels with the corners of the pillow. How to sew a pillow cover with a zipper and piping? Sew a straight stitch along the edges of the zipper and pillow cover.

Fold your bias tape around your cording. Start by cutting the fabric into the desired size and fold it one inch towards the wrong side. Now back to your pillow front.

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Pin the zipper (teeth side facing out) to the bottom fold of the cover back. Remember you want your bias tape to cover the cording and leave about a 1/2 inch extra when the edges of the bias tape are lined up. 1 1/2 x 90 strip for the piping.

Use your piping foot to stitch. I started with the zipper panel side and pinned to the side of the pillow where i joined the piping together, making that the official “back” of the pillow. Start pinning it to one of your pillow side pieces that has the piping.

Round the corners by clipping their edges and align the cords, so they meet before basting in place. Moreover, after turning the fabric over, align the other side of the zipper tape towards the upper backside piece. Backstitch at the beginning and end.

Try to line the patterns up so that when they are sewn together the pattern flows from the front cover to the back cover. To make the placket, pin the back side of. Remove the pins as you go.

I first make sure to pin by the zipper to make sure everything lines up and then pin down from there. Then lay the cover front and back facing each other (nice side on the inside).

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