With velvety pink, light green, and black leaves, a healthy rex has almost an ethereal look. Male and female flowers appear separately.

Indoor Rex Begonia Care How To Grow Rex Begonia As Houseplant

This plant is a rhizomatous perennial with striking leaves that grow in a variety of vivid colors, shapes, and patterns.

Begonia rex care nz. In this article we’ve covered the basics of growing rex begonia plants successfully including lighting needs, watering requirements, fertilizing tips, and toxic risks with pets. This begonia requires high humidity during the growing period. Easy care and low maintenance.

Take care not to damage the tuber. 09 537 4557 canterbury begonia society: Some cultivars need more water and.

Begonia are a classic gardener favourite, and can be grown in pots, hanging baskets, in the garden, they are even a great indoor plant! Rex begonias are a beautiful and colorful addition to any garden or home. Rex begonias with good care are usually bothered by only a couple problems and keeping fallen leaf debris cleaned up, making sure it gets adequate circulation of air, and proper water goes a.

Fertilise regularly during the growing season. To promote uniform growth,turn your plant every few weeks. The begonia rex is one of the most beautiful houseplants out there.

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There's a huge range of varieties, so there is bound to be one or two that will tickle your fancy. Water regularly during the warmer months and. Water plants regularly to keep the soil evenly moist to avoid a feast or famine approach.

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Water regularly during the warmer months and avoid overwatering in the cooler months. In the early stages of growth, it is best to keep the pot in a warm area with some light ventilation. The cultivar offers a wide range of colors, textures, and shape.

Porous soil can also help your plant maintain the moist soil it. You’ll want to deadhead spent blooms to encourage more flowers, and if you want compact plants, pinch them back regularly. Rex begonias are admired for their fabulous foliage.

Let’s take a look at the most critical elements of growing the rex begonia as houseplants. Learn how to care for the rex begonia! It needs bright but indirect sunlight and the soil should always be moist.

1 how to care for your begonia rex. Begonia rex || is a beautiful easy care indoor plant with amazing shiny metallic foliage with vibrant rich colours of purple and burgundy. Heavy clay soil that becomes waterlogged is unsuited, as it can cause root and stem rot.

Try to water the soil around the plants rather than the plants themselves, to avoid mildew. Let the soil dry between waterings and avoid overwatering as it may cause fungal diseases or rot. Begonias should be planted in late winter/early spring.

Keep the soil moist, but water at the base of the plant to avoid leaf spot and the possibility of fungal diseases. Instead of retaining all that unnecessary water, porous soil enables it to drain. At the first sign of a white patch on any of the leaves apply a fungicide right away.

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Rex begonia care indoors can be a little tricky, but it is certainly possible to grow beautiful specimens if you understand the plant’s needs. Water the plants late in the day, as watering in full sun will cause burning of the leaves. Begonias don’t require a huge amount of care.

How to grow and care for rex begonia plants. The soil should be porous. The begonia rex is a gorgeous plant, but it commonly gives house plant owners a hard time.

And that’s without producing many flowers like other begonia species. Both auckland and christchurch have great begonia societies which you can join too, and they'd be a great resource. The frequency you need to.

Once the plants are established, and frosts are well past, the pots or hanging baskets can be moved outdoors. Cause of failure with begonias. The interesting, colourful and variegated foliage of the begonia rex stand out from the crowd, perfect for around the home and.

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